Dating Married People

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The Plus Side Of Dating Married People

A lot of people who are in bad marriages have made the decision to start dating married people.  This is just a much easier option than the alternative. 
When you date another married person a lot of the complications are taken away and you can relax more and just enjoy yourselves. 
You will have a lot more fun with another married person than you would with a single person.


If you start dating someone who is single, they will most likely become attached to you at some point.  They will then start having jealousy issues regarding your spouse. 
Then the whole conversation will inevitably come up as to why you won’t leave your spouse, and then you will be back to square one. 

Obviously, if you were looking for this sort of thing you would just stick with your spouse.
People tend to have affairs because they are looking for something very specific. 


Dating married people means you will get out of it what you are looking for. 


They are not looking for the emotional long term attachment either.  They are not going to ask you to leave their spouse, because they do not want to leave theirs either. 
You can just get from each other what your marriage is lacking and leave it at that. 

The best part is, they are not going to be very likely to let your secret out into the open either, because they stand to lose just as much as you do if the affair becomes known.

It has become so common for people to date outside of their marriage these days.  This is probably due to the fact that there are an increasing amount of unhappy marriages, and people are choosing to stay in them rather than divorce. 


Divorce is ugly.  Especially when there are children involved.  Many times people will decide to just go outside of their marriage to fulfill their own needs to try and save their family from being hurt. 
Just because the marriage is not working, it doesn’t stop people from caring at all about their spouse.  Especially if there has been a great deal of years invested in the marriage thus far. 
Sometimes the thought of leaving them becomes unbearable.  It is a mixture between an extreme feeling of attachment along with a strong desire to keep from causing them pain. 
The idea is to take care of your own needs on the side without them ever finding out so that you can spare them any harm. 

The best way to keep them from being hurt in the situation is to date other people who are married as well, since they are the ones who are the most likely to keep your secret. 
There are plenty of websites that are dedicated to married people who are looking for someone to date.  They are very secure and private, and you can find people in your own area to meet up with. 

When it comes to having an affair, dating married people is the only way to go.  


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CAUTION: not every person is suitable for dating married people and marital affairs are not a substitute for either fixing a marriage (or finishing a marriage if it is beyond repair), because not all affairs have a positive impact
on a relationship and some can even be harmful. So always think about other people and if you decide to go ahead and have a married affair make sure to use discretion and discernment and always choose your partner wisely.

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