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Has your current relationship has lost  its "spark"?


Are you married but looking for a compatible 'someone new' to put
SOME Romance back in your life?


Perhaps you are married but looking for a discrete affair or encounter?


Married-woman-personals offers a discreet place where YOU can meet 
single and attached Men and Women who are are open to having a
relationship with a  married person.


married but looking

discrete affair



It's a discreet, anonymous environment to meet, online, like minded
married but looking individuals - who are serious about  enjoying their life
and lifestyle, or even singles for whom YOUR own marital status is NOT
going to be an issue.





Our unique ' two-way matching' will then locate ALL of the married but looking members who match what YOU are looking for AND will automatically narrow that list down to those who are seeking someone with a profile like yours.


We ELIMINATE all the aggravation and SAVE you time


Detailed profiles tell you all about your potential match's personality and interests so you can quickly decided who is worth talking to.


No time wasted browsing profiles that mean nothing to you  and who in turn would not be interested in you. 



Our unique whisper feature allows you to  CHAT intimately with another married but looking member within the comfort and safety of the site. The only member who will know who you are whispering is the member who has received your whisper. 





The email system is also accessed from the site and this means that your mail messages are secure and confidential. You can use mail for initial contact with members who are not currently online as well as to send messages that maybe more detailed than a single whisper.


On the next page you will be able to choose exactly what type of
Married but Looking relationship you are seeking....

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Married but looking Personal Ads

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 CAUTION: not every person is suitable for having an affair and extramarital affairs are not a substitute for either fixing a marriage
(or finishing a marriage if it is beyond repair), because not all affairs have a positive impact on a relationship and some can even be harmful.
So always think about other people and if you decide to go ahead and have an affair make sure to use discretion and discernment
and always choose your partner wisely





Why is your Spouse Married, but Looking for Someone else?

Marriage is not an easy thing and many people have found themselves in the married, but looking portion of the dating world. This can be a difficult thing and if you think your spouse is looking for someone else you need to understand the reasons they may be looking for someone else in their life. Here are some of the top reasons your wife or husband could be married, but looking for another partner.

1. Money

This is most commonly found when a woman or a man gets married because their spouse has a large sum of money. Having the financial security of a spouse with a great job or with a lot of money can feel amazing at first, but once the money is gone or you find that you don't love your spouse it can become a burden instead of a joy. Money only lasts so long after all and money certainly cannot buy happiness.

2. Sex

Another very common reason your spouse might be married, but looking for a new partner is a lack of sex. If there is not enough sex in the marriage or they are bored with the sex, then they may decide to stray. This happens with both men and women because sex is a basic human need for happy survival. You need to make sure the sex does not become boring and if it does make sure you and your spouse communicate enough to spice things up or at least do something to make things more exciting in the bedroom.

3. Time

Time is the only real commodity we have in this world. If you work all the time and you don't have enough time for your spouse it can cause them to start looking for a new partner. This is not something you want and you have to make sure there is a good balance in your life. Your spouse comes before work, friends, and everything else at all times and you need to remember this.

If you are the one that is married, but looking, then things are a bit different. You want to try to resolve things with your spouse first before you do something that can cause more damage than good. It is important to try and open up the lines of communication with your spouse. If you can talk to them and solve the issues you are having this is best.

However, there are times when you are just not going to be able to get what you want out of the marriage. It may seem scary, but if you know the relationship is doomed and is over, then it is time to move on. It is time to get divorced and find the person that you really belong with, or you can just have an affair instead - whatever is better for you.

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