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Many couples have positive experiences with open marriage.

This does not mean couples never experience problems with open marriage.

It simply means some couples enjoy open marriages and also maintain
high levels of marital satisfaction and stability.

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Yes, Open marriage can have a positive impact on many couples.

 With a long time history of traditions, marriage is a function of society that many are fighting
to preserve. Marriage has traditionally been between only one man and one woman, who are
presumed to be deeply in love. While this fairytale representation of marriage may be the ideal
for a large majority of people, there are many couples trying to break the mold.
One of the latest trends has been the concept of an open marriage.

What is an open marriage ?

An open marriage is one that is quite similar to a normal marriage.

Although it is not overly accepted in Western culture, open marriage definitely exists.
Two partners are joined together by marriage, but have an agreement that one or

both partners have permission to seek sexual relations outside the marriage.

Open marriage meaning

To be clear, this is not the same as having an extramarital affair. In an open marriage scenario,
both partners are fully aware and comfortable with having relations outside the relationship.
These couples are able to enjoy open marriage while maintaining satisfying and stable
relationships with one another.

Although this may seem like a strange arrangement, couples that pursue open marriages are
actually quite happy. With divorce rates continuing to increase, many open marriage advocates
strongly believe that having relations outside of one’s marriage can actually save it.

Levels of marital satisfaction for these couples are often quite high.

Open marriage sex

Sexual frustration is a leading factor in divorce cases and by pursuing
no strings sexual encounters outside the marriage with no emotional involvement,

and no repercussions, you will be much happier which is why Some couples even
feel than an open marriage has actually improved their relationships.

Consequently, many find their marriage satisfaction will increase.
Couples in open marriages understand that their partners sexual needs
and desires must be fulfilled and that may not occur by containing sex to only
their relationship.

Open marriage advice

It is understandable however, that an open marriage may not be for everyone.
To thrive in this kind of relationship, one must be very secure with not only themselves,
but also their relationship because Jealously is a common issue which prevents many
couples from even considering the idea of an open marriage.  

 Open marriage ground rules

If you and your partner are considering an open marriage,
be sure to establish a solid communication base first.

After you and your partner have agreed on an open marriage arrangement
where one, or both of you, can have no-committment affairs with other people,
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This page includes material from the Wikipedia article Open marriage relationship, which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

CAUTION: not every person is suitable for having an open marriage and open relationships are not a substitute for either fixing a marriage (or finishing a marriage if it is beyond repair),because not all open marriage dating has a positive impact on a relationship and some can even be harmful. So always think about other people and if you decide to go ahead and have an affair make sure to use discretion and discernment and always choose your partner wisely



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