An illicit affair can easily become one of the most all-consuming things you will experience in your life.

illicit affair

The combination of secrecy, sex and betrayal can be heady mix especially when compared to the day to day reality of trying to maintain a marriage.


But there can be serious consequences to an illicit encounter that you will want to consider before you embark on one.

Firstly consider the person that you may be hurting by having an affair. In many cases the husband or wife will actually still love their partner.

Perhaps their sex life has died and they are married but looking for intimacy elsewhere. Of perhaps they want more excitement in their life.

Whatever the reason people still can love their partner and have an illicit affair. It is easy to get carried away with the intoxication of an affair but it is
important to consider how the person you love will feel. An affair can be the ultimate form of betrayal and it can devastate the other person.

Next consider the impact an affair can have on those around you especially your children. A breakdown in a marriage is a complex affair.

Even if you are the cheating spouse usually both parties are at fault to some degree. However the cheating one almost always gets the blame.

Children in particular are unlikely to understand why you would cheat on their mother / father.

Also other relatives are also likely to blame you for the breakdown in the marriage if you have had an illicit affair.

A very important point you will want to consider before engaging in an illicit affair is that divorce is a very likely consequence if you get caught.

The impact of a divorce can be severe especially if there is house and children to consider. One of the fastest ways to reduce your wealth is to have a divorce.

Divorces can also be drawn out and very unpleasant affairs. It can be astounding how quickly love can turn to hate when it comes to divorce,
especially if one or both spouses has had an affair. The legal costs associated with a divorce can put a serious dent in your finances as well.
If there is large amount of property and other assets to be divided it can be a very lengthy and messy procedure.

When you mix emotion and betrayal with money the results can be very unpleasant indeed.

Finally a divorce can be very bad for your reputation. While we like to think we donít judge other people the truth is we do.
As well as this many reputable positions such as law and politics require the person to be of good standing.
An illicit affair can ruin your career as well as your marriage.
If you make your living based on your reputation you should think twice before having an affair.

An illicit affair may seem tempting but the consequence can have a large and lasting impact on your life
and it is essential that you be discreet so that your affair can stay a secret no one else knows about.

Consider the possible side effects before you make your decision and if you do decide to see what is available
and whether it is worth the risk.

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